MIMIC Simulator

MIMIC Simulator 14.00

Windows-based PC SNMP network creator and simulator

This Windows-based simulation tool is used on PC to create different networks of SNMP-manageable devices. A single computer can support up to 100,000 simulated devices. You can send queries to NMPv1, SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 devices using any configured IP/Ipv6. Windows 8 support has been added.

MIMIC Simulator offers a unique and an inexpensive way to create a real world lab environment with SNMP simulation. It provides an interactive hands-on lab for quality assurance, development, marketing, sales, evaluation, deployment and training of enterprise management applications. It creates a customizable virtual environment populated with devices like routers, hubs, switches, probes, cable modems and workstations.

The most common uses of this versatile suite are:

* Development and Testing: Management application developers can implement their products quickly and test reliably.
* Evaluation: Enterprises can evaluate the suitability of applications with anticipated failure and growth scenarios, or qualify purchases before deployment.
* Trade Shows: Marketing can setup powerful "live" demonstrations at trade shows.
* Sales Demos: Sales can tailor presentations to the individual customer's environment.
* Training Environments: Realistic training scenarios can explore all possible cases. Training environment can be portable rather than based on the classroom.

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